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VisitLeicester is an online visitor guide featuring information about the beautiful city of Leicester and Leicestershire.  The guide was launched in 2004 and since then it has managed to deliver useful information for visitors and residents alike.

VisitLeicester – the sights of Leicester (http://images.visitleicester.co.uk/) is an image gallery of the website (http://visitleicester.co.uk/) that features photographs and images of Leicester and Leicestershire.

These images are used with the consent from the author. If you wish to use any of the photographs or images please obtain written consent by writing to visit@visitleicester.co.uk.

If you would like to contribute to our VisitLeicester – the sights of Leicester gallery and showcase your photography please submit your images (a set of photographs, around 10-15 images, on a theme, sizes 1500 px by 1000 px) to visit@visitleicester.co.uk.

Most of the photographs used in this website are credited to the following persons. Should you wish to use the images please write to visit@visitleicester.co.uk

Photo Credit Ahmed Niyaz
Photo Credit Daniel Aldo Gomez
Photo Credit Highcross – Leicester

Enjoy The Sights of Leicester – the City of Contests.

VisitLeicester Team

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